Malta Citizenship Acquisition Process

Our citizenship advisors will evaluate your personal circumstances and assist you in selecting investment options most suitable to you, matching the required criteria to ensure successful application.

Who is eligible: The main applicant may add dependents to a citizenship application such as his/her spouse, children under 26 years of age and parents at least 55 years of age.
The Main Applicant for Malta Citizenship by Investment must be at least 18 years of age. The main applicant together with the dependents must be covered by global health insurance.

In order to qualify for Malta Citizenship by Investment, the main applicant must have €1,150,000. As a non-refundable part, €650,000 will be contributed to the national development fund set up by the government. The remaining amount is spread between €150,000 investment in government approved financial instruments and acquisition of a property in Malta, having a minimum value of €350,000.

In addition, its obligatory to hold a global health insurance policy with a cover amount of €50,000 for each family member.

€650,000 — Non Refundable Contribution

Contribution of €650,000 to the National Development & Social Fund set up by the government

€550,000 — Investments in Property and Government bonds

€150,000 — Investments in Government bonds or securities


€350,000 purchase property or lease a property for at least €16,000 p.a. The
property must be held for the duration of your residence card, (minimum 12 months)
and a further 5 years after citizenship has been granted.

A residence card application is submitted to get the ball rolling on the 12-month residency requirement. Physical presence of the applicant is required for biometrics to be captured.

A detailed checklist will be provided, and you will be guided through the documents collection stage. Experienced citizenship advisers will be checking all documents for compliance to ensure all requirements are met.

Each application is vetted by the Government of Malta through a thorough due diligence check, during which time submitted information is examined and verified.

Once the application is reviewed and the decision is made, the government will issue a letter advising you of their decision.

Transfer the non-refundable contribution amount to Malta within 20 days. Within 4 months, complete the investment into Malta government bonds, sign a 5-year lease agreement or purchase a property, extend your health insurance and provide evidence of time spent in Malta.

Once your passport application has been reviewed by the Maltese Government and the Registry office you will be invited to visit Malta to swear the oath and collect your passport.

Malta citizenship by investment 

Republic of Malta is a Maltese archipelago that locates in the Mediterranean sea which consists of 7 Islands. Here are they: the island of Malta, Gozo, Camino, Caminotto, Filfoletta, Saint Paul and Filfla. Not all of these Islands are inhabited by people. The largest and most inhabited Islands are Malta and Gozo, uninhabited Islands are Saint Paul and Filfla, and less uninhabited Island is Camino. Malta is the only country in Europe that has no natural lakes and freshwater rivers, but has the most beautiful Mediterranean sea with cerulean waters and charming landscapes.

Malta citizenship advantages:

  1. The citizenship gives the right for visa-free entry to all EU countries, the Schengen zones such as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain. As well as a number of European countries that are not related to the Schengen area: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine. In other parts of the world, Maltese citizens can visit the following countries without a visa or in rare cases with a visa on a place of arrival: Canada, Dominica, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Fiji, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, the Bahamas, Barbados, El Salvador, Honduras, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Turkey, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Malawi, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Zambia, Belize, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and the United States of America (169 visa-free countries).
  2. Possibility to become a citizen of another EU country at the same time with Maltese citizenship.
  3. The right to live, work and study in all EU countries.
  1. Since Malta is a country of the British Commonwealth all Maltese citizens are citizens of the Commonwealth, and this gives the investor a lot of rights and benefits in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. A high life level: free education that meets international standards; medicine; high social security including retirement; investors can participate in elections where they have new opportunity to do business.
  3. In case when investor has passport of Malta he can run his business both in Malta and in all European Union territory.
  4. Abroad assistance: Malta protects all citizens interests.
  5. The investor has the right to open accounts in European banks.
  6. Daily air flights and maritime communications to all countries of the world;
  7. All family members can obtain citizenship within 14 months, in particular: spouse, children under 26 years of age, investor’s parents under 55 years of age, along with the next applicant generation.
  8. Invested stock funds for the purpose of acquiring citizenship will be returned in full amount.

12. Malta citizenship program does not require knowledge of Maltese or even English language, and does not include tests.

We would like to point out that today the Maltese government authority responsible for issuing residence permits and citizenship has more than 1,500 applications for getting the Maltese citizenship by investment program from more than 30 countries residents like Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. The only question is how can I get this Maltese citizenship in such conditions? Right now it is available to get a Maltese passport, the procedure has not been canceled. If you are interested in such program and you want to get a second citizenship, you need to hurry up.

Terms and Conditions for obtaining citizenship and candidate requirements:

  1. The investor must be over 18 years.
  2. Must be in good health, the applicants must prove that they do not have any infectious diseases, along with having international medical policy at the amount of 50000 euro for each family member.
  3. The so-called trustworthiness test is the utmost requirements for investors that is provided by the government. The investor must have no a criminal record and must have no previous the European Union entry ban. The investor must have a good credit history in the European Union area. They request the information from various sources and international bodies including the international criminal court and Interpol. Despite the government’s applicant verification, the applicant must have a certificate from the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs stating that they have no criminal record.
  4. The investor needs to purchase a residential property in the amount of 350000 euro. Other way is to purchase residential property for renting from 16000 euro. The minimum period of such real estate is 5 years.
  1. The main financial requirement of this program is non-refundable donation for the 650000 euro to the government fund. The investor’s spouse and children under the age of 18 have the right to obtain citizenship on condition of an additional investment of 25000 euro. Children aged from18 to 26 years and the investor’s parents who are older than 55 years – 50,000 euro, respectively. Malta government fund has the same status as the Central Bank. The fund is engaged for creating new jobs in the country, social problems  and invests money in projects related to healthcare.
  2. The major difference from the citizenship programs of other countries is that the Malta program obliges the applicant to invest into government funds the amount of 150000 euro. Please note that this amount of money will be returned to the investor after five years.
  3. Proof of residence on the island while obtaining citizenship — the applicant must meet the requirements for Malta residency.
  4. In the case when the investor had the residence of Malta before joining the program, this period of 12 months is automatically counted; however, please note that citizenship cannot be issued earlier than 6 months.

Here are required documents for application submitting process:

  1. Applicant and his or her family member’s infectious diseases absence certificate that is issued by the health authority.
  2. Bank statements – Bank account statement for the last three months period showing the income. The amount of income must be higher than the minimum living wage in Malta.
  3. Medical insurance valid at the application process time.
  4. The applicant and their family members must provide their biometrics, such as face and fingerprint scans. In order to do this you must contact the Maltese passport office located in Malta or contact the Maltese Embassy located in Russia.
  5. Certificate proving no criminal record issued by the Executive authorities of the Russian Federation.
  1. Passport.
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. Birth certificates of children.
  4. A document certifying money investment to the national economic and social development fund of Malta.
  5. The applicant must provide a lease or sale agreement for the property indicating that he or she has a house or rents it within 4 months period after receiving the letter of the application approval.
  6. Malta citizenship application purpose letter.

Please note that all listed above documents must be translated into English and certified with an apostille.

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