There may be a number of reasons people consider investing in a new passport — visa free travels, tax benefits, a better climate, political and social security. The one that is often brushed aside in many articles dedicated to numerous perks and benefits of second citizenship is the opportunity to provide your children a better education. The right education helps your children build their skills, master new languages and make the beneficial connections.

However, not every country can boast of high educational standards. Corrupted systems, facilities lacking both efficient teaching methods and up-to-date technologies, unhealthy academic environment fail to contribute to children’s future. Not to mention, tuition fee can be often uncharacteristically expensive for international students. And they often face visa issues as soon as they graduate, forced to miss opportunities open for fresh graduates. That is where in timely fixed second passport comes into handy.

Having a second residency or citizenship gives you the opportunity to educate your children internationally and at a much lower cost. Taylor&Smith provides you with some of the most effective investment options with the best levels of education.

Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom is to be placed first and foremost where the quality of education is concerned. The universally acclaimed universities and high schools guarantee the highest levels of self-progress and development. The average payment for a year in a university of the United Kingdom is £22,000 for international students, while domestic students can enjoy the privilege of UK best educational providers for £5,000 — £7,000. The UK Home Office presents a number of visa schemes, which allow you to acquire the indefinite leave to remain in 2-5 years through business and investment. Please consult with our expert agents for more details.

Ireland is home to two of the top universities in Europe — Trinity College and University College Dublin. You can obtain the Irish residence card by investment that is refundable after 5 years. If your children pose an interest in attending university in Ireland, you will be entitled to €50,000 reduction from the investment.

The US institutions demonstrate the second strongest quality of education in the world after the UK. It is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale and many more. Its EB-5 programme enables applicants to live, work and study in the USA through investing $500,000 into a government-approved project.

Residence routes in France prove to the most cost-efficient among European long-stays visas. €40,000 is sufficient to make you a resident of one of the EU leading states.  With a residence card you also get access to free education for your children at French schools. Moreover, you and children are close to the most prestigious European universities like Sorbonne University, University Grenoble Alpes (UGA), University of Strasbourg.

The Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda recently announced a new Citizenship by Investment option — the University of the West Indies (UWI) Fund. The programme will entitle one member of the family to a one-year scholarship at the University of the West Indies. The UWI was placed among the top 40 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the top 100 Golden Age University Rankings and Impact Rankings in 2020. A minimum donation of $150,000 for a family of four, plus costs is required. Plus Citizenship of Antigua enables you to travel to over 100 countries worldwide without visa.

Another option that you might consider is Canada. Canadian education system also ranks high. Please request consultation with our agents to learn more details.

When looking for alternative residency or citizenship through investment among other things you should consider a hugely influential factor — the wider benefit it will bring to your family. Securing a brighter future for our children should be our priority.