British Passport

British Passport

In order to get a UK passport, you must go through the naturalization process. The most widely used method of naturalization is getting a permanent residence (ILR) and residency with this status in the United Kingdom for 12 months.

As soon as you are naturalized, you will have the same rights and responsibilities as British citizens who hold a British passport from birth. To have a chance to pass the naturalization process successfully, the applicant must meet a number of requirements.

A decision to grant citizenship can only be made when applicants meet all immigration requirements and the Minister of the Interior decides the naturalization appropriateness.

Immigration requirements for British citizenship applicants based on marriage or civil partnership have their own particularity.

As a rule, a British citizenship applicant must live in this country for 5 years before applying. Nevertheless, if you are applying for a marriage or civil partnership, the required period of residence in the UK will be shorter.

Prior to citizenship application process under the permanent residence, you must live for 12 months in the UK (from the date of obtaining permanent residence). However, if you are applying as a partner, this period of residence requirement does not apply to you.

There are also additional requirements that are do with for British citizenship applying process. Experienced immigration specialists will provide you with comprehensive support, detailed advice and help you meet all the necessary requirements provided for your individual case.

The application processing time:

The standard permanent residence applications consideration period is 6 months. You can accelerate the application processing time if you use additional Home Office services (British International Affairs).


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